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    Providing you the best range of JCB 430ZX Plus Wheeled Loaders, JCB 3DXL Wheeled Loaders, JCB 455ZX Wheel Loader and JCB 432ZX Plus Wheel Loader with effective & timely delivery.

        JCB 430ZX Plus Wheeled Loaders
        • JCB 430ZX Plus Wheeled Loaders
        • JCB 430ZX Plus Wheeled Loaders
        • JCB 430ZX Plus Wheeled Loaders
        • JCB 430ZX Plus Wheeled Loaders
        • JCB 430ZX Plus Wheeled Loaders
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                                                                        Gross power133 HP at 2200 rpm
                                                                        Operating Weight (Tons)11250 Kg
                                                                        Engine Design4-stroke
                                                                        Engine ModelAshok Leyland,H6ETIC3RU
                                                                        Rear Axle17 Litre
                                                                        Max torque475 N.m
                                                                        Bore Size (Millimeter)104 mm
                                                                        Stroke (Millimeter)113 mm
                                                                        Speed forward (km/hr)4.9,8,19,25.9 Km/h
                                                                        Speed reverse (Km/hr)4.8,8,19.4 Km/h
                                                                        Engine coolant25 Litre
                                                                        Fuel tank195 Litre
                                                                        Hydraulic system125 Litre
                                                                        Maximum Bucket Capacity1.7 cum
                                                                        Transmission15 Litre
                                                                        Overall length with standard bucket7060 mm
                                                                        Dump angle max.45 deg
                                                                        Wheel track1846 mm
                                                                        Payload3300 kgs
                                                                        Roll back angle at full height52 deg
                                                                        Roll back angle at carry46.5 deg
                                                                        Load over height3453 mm
                                                                        Height over cab3156 mm
                                                                        Dump height (45deg dump)2806 mm
                                                                        Dig depth86 mm
                                                                        Axle to pivot pin1389 mm
                                                                        Wheel base2850 mm
                                                                        Bucket width2348 mm
                                                                        Bucket weight1006 kgs
                                                                        Tipping load straight7470 kgs
                                                                        Height over exhaust2927 mm
                                                                        Tipping load full turn6600 kgs
                                                                        Maximum breakout force10379 kgf
                                                                        Reach maximum (45deg Dump)1859 mm
                                                                        Pin height maximum3794 mm
                                                                        Inside radius (w.r.t.tyres)2809 mm
                                                                        Max radius5741 mm
                                                                        Roll back angle at ground level42 deg
                                                                        Axle to counterweight1788 mm
                                                                        Minimum ground clearance431 mm
                                                                        Cab roof width1545 mm
                                                                        Reach at dump height1223 mm
                                                                        Width over tyres2225 mm


                                                                        1.Reliable Engine & Unmatched Performance
                                                                        2. Best - In- Class- Fuel Efficiency
                                                                        3. Rugged & Reliable
                                                                        4. Best In Class Operator Comfort
                                                                        5. Lowest Operation Cost

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                                                                        JCB 3DXL Wheeled Loaders
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                                                                        Capacity0.30 cum
                                                                        No of cylinders4
                                                                        Gross Power92 HP at 2200 rpm
                                                                        Hydraulic system120 Litre
                                                                        Warranty12 Months
                                                                        Engine coolant16.5 Litre
                                                                        Fuel tank128 Litre
                                                                        Rear Axle20
                                                                        Max torque408 N.m at 1200 rpm
                                                                        Travelling speed -Forward7.26,11.72,22.01,42.36 Km/h
                                                                        Travelling speed -Reverse7.26,11.72 Km/h
                                                                        Engine Oil15 Litre
                                                                        Max Dump Height2.91 m
                                                                        Pay Load1,650 kgf
                                                                        Max. dig depth5.05 (16-7) m (ft-in)
                                                                        Lift capacity at full height3,050 kgf
                                                                        Shovel1.2/42.4 cum (cu.ft)
                                                                        Reach-ground level to slew centre5.61 (18-5) m (ft-in)
                                                                        Reach at full height to slew centre2.65 (8-8) m (ft-in)
                                                                        Max. working height6.01 (19-9) m (ft-in)
                                                                        Pin forward reach0.41 (1-4) m (ft-in)
                                                                        Max. load over height4.35 (14-3) m (ft-in)
                                                                        King post travel1.06 (3-6) m (ft-in)
                                                                        Bucket rotation - power185 deg
                                                                        Max. reach at full height1.22 (4-0) m (ft-in)
                                                                        Dipper tear out force3,010 kgf
                                                                        Lift capacity to bucket pivot at full reach (no bucket fitted) (SAE J31) (Data with standard dipper)1,490 kgs
                                                                        Standard bucket width0.82 (2-8) m (ft-in)
                                                                        Shovel break out force6,600 kgf
                                                                        Dump height2.91(9-7) m (ft-in)
                                                                        Load over height3.37 (11-1) m (ft-in)
                                                                        Pin height3.64 (11-11) m (ft-in)
                                                                        Reach at ground1.58 (5-2) m (ft-in)
                                                                        Reach-ground level to rear wheel centre6.93 (22-9) m (ft-in)
                                                                        Reach at full height - Bucket dumped0.90 (2-11) m (ft-in)
                                                                        Side reach to centre line of machine6.14 (20-2) m (ft-in)
                                                                        Below ground level dig depth0.15 (0-6) m (ft-in)
                                                                        Rollback at ground43 deg
                                                                        Dump angle41 deg
                                                                        Loader arm break-out force4,550 kgf
                                                                        Bucket tear out force5,700 kgf

                                                                        An increased size of coolers ensures better performance of the Wheel Loaders in hot and dusty working conditions. Add to it the long shovel capacity, and the Wheel Loader is one among the best available in the market today.

                                                                        Best-in-class operating cost:
                                                                        • Highest in output lowest in fuel. Up to 7% more fuel savings and 30% more savings on maintenance cost.

                                                                        Best-in-class loader end:
                                                                        • Highest dump height in the industry, loading high body trucks for quicker cycle times.

                                                                        Best-in-class excavator end:
                                                                        • Quick excavation cycle time and higher digging forces for higher productivity.

                                                                        Best-in-class durability:
                                                                        • New 10 bolt wheel axle, improved pin/bush life, higher fuel tanks & long life stabilizer pad.

                                                                        Best-in-class telematics; JCB live link:
                                                                        • An advanced system that enables customers to manage and monitor machines remotely; SOS.

                                                                        Best-in-class operator comfort:
                                                                        • Reliable music system as standard, new roof liner & boom decals.

                                                                        Big spacious cabin with easy access:
                                                                        • Tinted glass cabin for all-round visibility and sun protection
                                                                        • CED coated painting for longer life
                                                                        • Adjustable & comfortable seat for easy day-long working
                                                                        • Reduced noise, heat & vibration for operator comfort & productivity
                                                                        • Large leg space for ease of operation & operator comfort
                                                                        • Face fan for operator comfort in hot environment
                                                                        • Excellent ventilation – partial or full opening front and rear side windows
                                                                        • Access to gearbox through cabin floor for minor maintenance
                                                                        • AC (cool comfort)
                                                                        • Excavator end servo controls
                                                                        • FM Radio and music player with speakers
                                                                        • Optional feature for rested operator, leading to high productivity


                                                                        Long Lasting StructureD section loader arm and chassis design give lifelong structural durability.
                                                                        Improved Tank CapacityIncreased diesel tank capacity, provide long hours of continuous duties.
                                                                        Superior DesignPannier design diesel and hydraulic tanks greatly add to the operator convenience.
                                                                        IP 69 ElectricsFor increased reliability.
                                                                        Best in class CabinSpacious cabin with ergonomic operator environment with instrument console on the operator’s side results in long hours of fatigue-free operation.
                                                                        Unmatched StylePowder coated, curved exteriors in black and yellow color scheme give the machine a very smart look.

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                                                                        JCB 455ZX Wheel Loader
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                                                                        Maximum Operating Weight17880 Kg
                                                                        Model Name/Number455ZX
                                                                        Gross Power221 HP
                                                                        Loader Bucket Capacity3.1 cum

                                                                        Enhance your efficiency With IntelliLoad in JCB 455ZX

                                                                        Big goals demand and deserve a partner who can provide best-in-class productivity whilst ensuring a surge in the bottom-line. Presenting the JCB 455ZX Wheeled Loader. It's a rugged, reliable machine equipped with advanced telematics LiveLink, and one that you can depend on to make perfect business sense. Extremely reliable, the 455ZX Wheeled Loader is designed and built to cope up with even the most demanding sites, hour after hour, day after day. Its world class components ensure built in quality, leading to more value for money. It also offers great visibility, non-slip surfaces, air filtration and more, which makes the machine very safe.

                                                                        With JCB IntelliLoad – an in-built Loader Productivity Management System in 455ZX, loading just got more intelligent. It is an engineering solution that provides an accurate load measurement and reports the loaded weight by the bucket. Functioning along with LiveLink, the JCB IntelliLoad helps optimise truck loading, prevents spillage and monitors operator productivity through load pattern analysis. With multiple benefits like maximised tons moved per day, maximised utilisation at fleet level and remote loader monitoring, the system leads to a better structural life, less damage and an enhanced ease of operation. Get the intelligence for long term performance and productivity. Get JCB 455ZX now.


                                                                        IntelliLoad allows you to move maximum tons per day as it avoids under loading. It also eliminates weight-bridge and reduces cycle time to give your business that edge in productivity. It contributes to all-round efficiency of your business by implementing optimised truck loading, preventing double handling of material, improving fuel efficiency of machine, preventing overloading fines, preventing spillage and less structural damage.
                                                                        With an accurate load measurement, 24x7 connectivity through LiveLink, analysis reports, fleet level status, and daily & weekly frequency performance reports, you can stay connected to your machine and tap in more productivity.

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                                                                        JCB 432ZX Plus Wheel Loader
                                                                        • JCB 432ZX Plus Wheel Loader
                                                                        • JCB 432ZX Plus Wheel Loader
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                                                                        Model Name/Number432 ZX Plus
                                                                        Power150 hp
                                                                        Maximum Operating Weight12000 Kg
                                                                        Warranty12 Months

                                                                        Standard bucket size of 2.2 cu.m (Crusher Application) and 3.4 cu.m(Coal Application). JCB is the first in industry to give these bucket asstandardEngine: Cummins 6BTAA5.9C, Engine power : 150 hp, Engine peaktorque : 650 nm @ 1500